Kuusamo Folk Healers’ Gathering

Folk healer Heikki Aalto

For the fifth time, folk healers gather in Kuusamo in the spectacular surroundings of Pohjanseita. The Kuusamo Folk Healers’ Gathering is organized by Rukapalvelu Oy and Finnish Folk Healer Society. The gathering is held in July, 11.-17.7.2016. As part of the event, a FinRelax Academy will be held on Thursday, 14.7. in Kuusamotalo.

The Kuusamo Folk Healers’ Gathering is an open, easily accessible event, where traditional medicine and folk healing engage in a natural dialogue. At the core of the experience are encounters with folk healers and nature itself.

The treatments of folk healers and lectures by nature experts are spirited by the valuable information which springs from local folklore and culture. 15 folk healers from different parts of Finland will arrive at the Folk Healers’ Gathering and make their treatments available for booking. Presentations by researchers and doctors give attendees information about health and mechanisms which heal us humans.

The main venue of the event, the Pohjanseita Wilderness Lodge, is built on an old dwelling place of the Forest Sami people, with proper respect for the spirit and cultural traditions of the place. The Nature Town of Kuusamo sets the stage for the event in the form of accommodation, venues and services.

We offer you a deep dive into wellness, nature, folk traditions and mythical worldviews.

In other words, the Kalevala, mythology, philosophy for a better understanding of Nature.


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